Unicycle Thor, Bike Thor, and Skater Thor chase down Running Thor because he has a cool hat

With some proper coordination, impecible timing, and the help of my Photoshop classmates behind the camera, this digital collage was stitched together from four images using layer masking.

Corn corn corn Sear's tower sponsored by cingular

This picture was brought to you by Cingular: raising the bars. Behold! Most likely the best picture I've ever taken! The highlights of the Midwest summarized

The Art Institute lions with Cubs helmets

The Art Institute lions got Cubs helmets for the first time when they won the world series in 2016!

The Binding of Pokemon

The Binding of Pokemon Twitter Banner

Besides a decade of Microsoft Paint (R.I.P.), my first real graphic design experience began in 2011. I modified textures in the Minecraft source files to change the in-game grass from green to blue and gave the cats hipster glasses. Fast forward to 5:21PM, October 6th, 2015, when I found out that the same process could be applied to a game called The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I altered 7 sprite-sheets to resemble Pokemon and submitted screenshots with reddit. I woke the next morning to enough comments and ideas making connections between the two universes to keep me inspired for the next year. I began live streaming the creative process on twitch.tv/Thor_Maan_de_Kok. Live streaming introduced me to artists who were interested in helping out and by my retirement, was delegating a group of 10. Together, we changed every playable character, 85 monsters, 24 enemy bosses, all the music, and so much more to be Pokemon themed! I worked on TBoP until the day I moved into the Columbia dorms, and have since trusted the development of the mod-pack to a few of the guys who know it inside and out. Cumulatively, The Binding of Pokemon has been downloaded over 60,000 times.

Shuckle Turret from The Binding of Pokemon
Dugtrio Polyphemus from The Binding of Pokemon
The Binding of Pokemon before and after