Digital Sculpting

Thor Maan de Kok's 3D Agony Hand model Thor Maan de Kok's 3D Memento Thori model

Anchor & Tentacles

Thor Maan de Kok's 3D anchor model

In Ned Vizzini's book, It's Kind of a Funny Story, the main protagonist, Craig, portrays an anchor as a symbol of inner strength, happiness, and something that keeps himself grounded. Whereas, tentacles only serve to drag one's mentality down into a sinking depression.

Anchor spinning render

Settlers of Catan

Every weekend of my spring 2017 semester entailed at least 6 hours of 3D printing in Columbia's Maker Lab. 80-100% of that time was spent printing custom Settlers of Catan pieces that I had designed upon with gazebos on my mind. Embarking on this project, I severly underestimated the time it would take to print such small pieces. It amounted to 4 months to print 4 cities, 5 settlements, and 15 roads in 4 different colors. I plan on laser cutting my own custom board at some point before I graduate.

Thor Maan de Kok's Settlers of Catan city piece