What have I become?

Thor Maan de Kok's 3D scanned bust rotating

Hey. I'm Thor Maan de Kok! I'm a Second City trained Eagle Scout studying Graphic Design at Columbia College Chicago. I was born during a thunderstorm, I unicycle, and I've had chicken pox twice. I'm 50% Irish, 50% Dutch, 100% American. I grew up 30 miles north of Chicago, and moved into the Windy City when I was 19 in February of 2015. In September of 2016, I began taking Columbia classes, including a 5-week foundations course in 3D Printing. I instantly became enthralled with 3D modeling in Rhino 5 and Meshmixer, and subsequently printing on Makerbots and Ultimakers. During the year leading up to my college experience, I spent my nights developing a graphic modification for a video game called The Binding of Isaac and live streamed the creative process on twitch.tv/Thor_Maan_de_Kok. The Binding of Pokemon altered every character, and many of the enemies to appear as characters from the Pokemon franchise!