Mixed Meshes

Wi-fi is recommended. Depending on your internet speed, please allow up to 30 seconds for models to load upon innagural viewing, as I've prioritized the preservation of quality.

Utilizing the Sense 2 3D scanner, AutoDesk's Meshmixer, and methods of photogrammetry, I've scanned 400+ various body parts, reptiles, skeletal fractions, found objects, props, et cetera. Once I've acquired several scans that compliment/contrast one another, I then digitally weld the individual scans into a singular conglomerate entity and smooth along the seams. At this point, the synthesized aggregate is ready to be sent to the printer, or taken a step further into mass cyber production by means of Snapchat’s Lens Studio development tools. Importing the accumulate sculpture into Lens Studio allows for the subject to be observed and recorded in augmented reality and rapidly shared to all users of the platform. Beneath this text reside a handful of my snapcodes which, when taken a picture of within Snapchat, will unlock the digital sculpture as a lens/filter on the consumer’s phone for 24 hours. By snapping a picture/video and sending it to your friends or story, anyone who views it has the ability to swipe up on their phone while previewing and gain access to the lens as well. To activate the lens, simply tap once while in the rear-facing camera mode and drag the circular lens icons to the left until you reach the desired filter! Tell your friends!

There are, however, limits to what can be shared as a lens. My prized "Satan Devours His Children" piece was live and circulating from 10:28 PM 5/2/18 to 4:01 AM 5/3/18. At that time, it was rejected by Team Snapchat, as it "Includes obscene language or imagery, depictions of nudity, sex acts, or profanity."

eyehole satan

On one hand, I’m very proud that I was able to convey such an explicit message without implicitly expressing phallic or yonic devices. On the other hand, I simply wish to plague this artificial realm with my horrid obscenities.

Snapchat Augmented Reality