de Maan, de Kok, de Legend

Thor Maan de Kok's 3D scanned bust rotating

Hi, I'm Thor Maan de Kok! I was born during a thunderstorm, I love unicycling, and I'm 50% Dutch and 50% Irish. I'm a Second City trained Eagle Scout studying Graphic Design and Creative Advertisement at Columbia College Chicago. I grew up 30 miles north of Chicago, and moved into the Windy City when I was 19. In September of 2016, I enrolled in Columbia classes, including a 5-week foundations course in 3D Printing. I instantly became enthralled with 3D modeling in Rhino 5 and Meshmixer, and subsequently printing on Makerbots and Ultimakers. During the year leading up to my college experience, I spent my nights developing a graphic modification for a video game called The Binding of Isaac and live streamed the creative process on The Binding of Pokemon altered every character, and many of the enemies to appear as characters from the Pokemon franchise! Oh, and I've had chicken pox twice